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The Lord Of Keys

A Bloody Revenge

The lord of Keys is a dark fantasy story of two villains whose 
pasts are intertwined by betrayal, magic, and an eternal contract. 
old friends torn apart by the game of fate.
Now Nicholas Syrus, once a dead man, sold his soul to a being 
worse than the devil on the path for revenge

and to get back what he lost a long time ago.

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Set in the capital city of Ringford, 
creatures of the night roam the dangerous streets 
of ringford and whispers of a dark shadow is
heard amongst the common folks.

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Whispers of a man

and a carnival. 


The sound of the magnificent rides echoing through 
the woods with the forgotten magic of the past, 
the dark art of key making.

Death lurks around the 
cabins and all the doors are locked as 
the contract is sealed.

Nicholas Syrus

nicholas syrus the lord of keys

Nicholas Syrus is a powerful wizard and a seemingly dead man

Until he wasn't.

After his mysterious death, he made a deal with an ancient force of chaos a mad god of pure power and madness to come back to the world with one goal in mind

Set everything right and get back what was taken from him.

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He is running from Ezraeel the angel and the embodiment of Death

Made a wager with satan

Has messed with many gods and goddesses 

and is now running a diabolical carnival he barrowed from the mad god all for his plan of vengeance.

Although he no longer has a soul he has plans to take it back anyways,

some say you can't have your cake and eat it too but Nicholas doesn't listen to that sort of thing.

He does however tend to surprise people so who knows maybe he could get everything he once lost back.

Or lose everything in the process.

Anthony Callister

anthony callister the lord of keys

Anthony Callister is the fearsome Lord and ruler of the city of Ringford.

He is a greedy and ambitious man with a dark charm and an even darker heart.

But most importantly he is a Callister. One of the 5 most powerful and ancient magic families in the country.

Anthony is a charming and cunning dealer who enjoys throwing grand parties and occasionally keeping the magic business of the city intact.

But he is a very private man and is close to no one.

No one knows anything about him.

He keeps an old enchanted necklace with him at all times,

an old corrupt thing he doesn't throw away.

"A symbol of change"

He calls it.

When talking about him nothing is ever what it seems to be an dark secrets are waiting to be revealed.

A broken promise, a lost friend and a sealed choice.

He seemingly has everything he ever wanted. 

Timeline 1_0040.png

The past hunts us forever as the pain of regret washes all that is joyful away.

And you change

A reborn monster forever stuck on the path you chose

Can one truly break the chains of ones mistakes and find a second chance?

And of course the consequences remain

As the clock sings the end of your time

And your contract with HIM.

the lord of keys logo

HE is watching and they will all be pawns for HIM in the end.

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