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Ending II
Part of the carnival

You are now part of the carnival!

it's actually not easy to become a carnival member, Nicholas doesn't accept just anyone. This is a rare ending and It's a mixed outcome, you didn't win exactly, but hey ... you can now trick people, kill them or play random games with them?

As a member You can also explore the carnival without being afraid to be killed. Even befriended some of the members!

you also get health insurance and some other benefits as a member of the carnival. you won't get paid tho.

If you enjoyed this adventure and want to see more from The Lord Of Keys or other projects consider supporting it through Merch, Patreon or Commissions! I really want to do cool things with this project but i can't do them alone. the more money i get the more i can hire people and plan bigger and cooler things, with more quality!

Thank you so much for coming to this ride! stay safe (and away from the carnival)

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