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You ... died. 

As you looked at your mortal body on the ground you can only feel a slight 

you failed. it feels odd since you don't have a physical body to feel emotions yet you know you're sad. You wished you could see your friends and families one more time, enjoy the taste of ice cream on a warm day ... anything ... now that you're dead you finally realized the true value of life and you feel a yearning to come back. Yet you know it's impossible. Death is absolute and no one can run from her hands. You wait for the light to come or the god of death? you're not sure what's supposed to happen you haven't died before. You hope you see a light though, you don't want to be a wandering spirit, certainly not wandering in this carnival, you've had enough of it already. 

As you wait for your fate you realize the ring master of the carnival has been standing there the whole time. with his tall demenor and purple eyes glowing in the dark, observing you. The ghost you. It's as if he could see you ... you're not surprised. he had powers beyond human imagination. this was just another one.

After a couple of minuet, Nicholas comes towards you with a slight smile and says 

"You're a failure."

You try to smile "Yeah ... Thanks"

Nicholas hovers his hands around the cabin showing all the blood and monsters on the ground

"All that work for nothing, and you were so close too! What a shame. I was starting to enjoy Your endeavors, You were a bright one and certainly entertaining."

You know if you still had your body you would feel extreme anger towards this man yet you didn't dare to show it. Even as a spirit you still had a feeling that he can hurt you ... so you just say "Happy you had a good time i guess"

You feel the cabin shaking ... the ground the mirrors ... the carnival is alive and .

you don't know what's happening but Nicholas does. He listens carefully as if the carnival is ... talking to him?

You're getting worried ... there's no light tunnel no god of death no portal to help you get to the other side ... are you going to be stuck here forever?

Nicholas finally looks at you and raises an eyebrow

"You've gotten HIS attention too. He was entertained."

Nicholas stopped then continued

"How about an offer?"

an offer? what does he mean an offer? what offer?

Nicholas explains "I'm willing to make a deal with you. since He was also interested he granted me the choice/ now bare in mind I'm a mere messenger. 

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